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🏆 9th Inter-IIT 2020 @ IIT-Guwahati

Technical Secretary: Vipul Sharma

Inter IIT Tech Meet 9.0 Results We have received the following medals this time at Inter IIT Tech Meet 9.0, conducted by IIT Guwahati.


  • Gold in QuantInsti Algorithmic Trading - Aryan Goyal, Vineet Ahuja, Dheeraj Yadav, Sanskar Gupta, Anshika Bajpai
  • Silver in SaptangLabs Security Hackathon - Milind Topno, Yash Bansod, Pranshu Kharkwal, Dhruv Pindawala, Divyasheel Kumar
  • Bronze in Bridge i2i Automated Headline and Sentiment Generator - Abhijeet Manhas, Khyati Agarwal, Piyush Goyal, Prakhar Uniyal, Naman Tayal, Prajjwal Jha, Manan Shah, Rishabh Garg, Paras Jain, Yash Verma
Also much thanks to people who participated in Engineer's Conclave : Prajwal Sood, Aakash Maurya, Khushi, Manish, Arjun, Vivek Mittal

Also thanks to our Contingent Leader Arjun Sahdev for managing the teams and submissions so well.

🏆 8th Inter-IIT 2019 @ IIT-Roorkee

Technical Secretary: Abhigyan Khaund

IIT Mandi's performance at the 8th Inter IIT Tech Meet held at IIT Roorkee from 20-22 December 2019 is really appreciable. This year, for the first time, we participated in all the events and competitions, and our remarkable performance includes four medals which makes it the highest medals earned by us at a Tech Meet.


  • Gold Medal in Coding Hackathon - Aashish Kumar (B16001), Chirag Vashisht (B16094), Milind Topno (B18069), Vipul Sharma (B17069).
  • Bronze Medal in Case Study - Param Kashyap (B16098), Rohit Bhamu (B17139), Yuvraj Misra (B19225).
  • Bronze Medal in BitGrit DataScience Challenge - Abhijeet Manhas (B18053), Dipanshu Verma (B18054), Nidhi Jain (B18124), Shubhamkumar Pandey(B18194)
  • Bronze Medal in Route Optimization Algorithm - Akash Dakoor (B17032), Palak Gupta (B16067), Shreyas Bapat (B16145).
This year also marked us getting full points for the first time in Engineer's Conclave and Student Academic Conference (non-competitive).
  • 👷 Engineers Conclave - Five projects, one each by Palak Gupta(B16067), Amit Rajain(B16009) Shreyas Bapat(B160145), Bhavya Bhatt(B16016), Mehul Banga(B19044).
  • 🎓 Student Academic Conference - Five paper presentation, each by Hritik Gupta(B16097), Bhavya Bhatt(B16016), Pratyush Gaurav(B16026), Shreyas Bapat(B160145), Abhigyan Khaund(B16082).
The performance in all other events were commendable, and lays the plinth for our endeavours in the future.