Research Secretary

  • Shubham Ranjan

    Research Secretary

Research Society

The IIT Mandi Research Club (IITMRC) is an open club for students of IIT Mandi. It is involved in the research and innovative activities to make new contacts, catch up with junior students, develop new opportunities and keep up to date with the latest developments in science and technology. With events to be held in the near future, it is a way to meet with like-minded graduates and scholars with an opportunity to create and maintain professional and personal contacts all within an internal network. It consists of a committee of scholars from almost all the disciplines. This will help in a better communication between the scholars themselves and undergraduates. This committee forms the basis of research council of IIT Mandi headed by the research secretary.

Followings are the parts of Research Society:
  1. SCRI
  2. IEEE Students
  3. ACM Students